BMC is your source for spare and replacement machine parts.

Replacement Parts

Birch Machinery Company has been producing critical spare parts and replacement parts for all manufacturer’s within the die-cast and plastic injection molding Industry. BMC has been producing hiqh-quality machines since 1965. Our 65,000 square foot facility and a large inventory of steel allows us to produce high-quality replacement parts completely in-house, delivered fast at a lower cost.

  • Birch Machinery – one of the largest suppliers of Tie Bars, Tie Rods and Nuts in the industry.
  • In-House capability 48” Diam. x 44 foot long
  • Birch Machinery provides Fast Emergency Delivery Service for all replacement parts and can assist with installation
  • Birch Machinery can manufacture replacement parts by reverse engineering your worn components where drawings are unavailable.
  • BMC technicians are available to assist with machine analysis and replacement part assessment.
  • Tie Bars, Tie Rods and Nuts
  • Linkage Sets including our Swap Out Program
  • Motorized Die Height Nuts, Hubs
  • Platen Bushings, Platen Carrier Shoes, and Rails
  • Safety – Ratchet Bars and Pull Outs
  • Cylinders (New or Rebuilt), Valves,
  • New Motors, Pumps, Manifolds
  • Gears including Spur Gears and Bull Gears
  • Platen Refurbishing

Extrusion Industry includes:

  • Die Slides
  • Stems
  • Holders
  • Pullers
  • Containers

Tie Bars, Tie Rods, and Nuts

Birch Machinery produces all types and styles of Tie Bars, Tie Rods and Nuts for die casting, plastic injection molding and aluminum extrusion industries. Each Tie Bar and Nut passes a multi-step inspection processes and threads are inspected with master gages.

Birch Machinery offers removal and installation service for all Tie Bars and Nuts. Our highly trained technicians will remove old parts, install the new components, then re-square and strain your machine using BMC’s precision strain gages.

Birch Machinery specializes in Emergency Service to manufacture your replacement Tie Bar or Tie Rods, and Nuts and deliver it FAST to your facility. This service has allowed many customers to reduce their expensive inventory of Tie Bars and other replacement parts.

Rely on BMC to get your Die Cast, Plastic Injection or Aluminum Extrusion Press up and running – FAST.

Linkage Sets or our “Swap Out Program

A Linkage Set project consists of everything between the movable platen and the toggle carrier plate, including crosshead, links, levers, bell cranks, and e-bosses.

  • BMC thoroughly cleans and inspects for damage, wear and cracks.
  • Provide and install new bronze bushings and alloy toggle pins.
  • Hone all bores to master gages. All linkage centers are brought back to OEM specifications.
  • Crosshead is re-qualified and re-bushed.
  • Lubrication is repaired or replaced as needed and all lube holes are cleaned and chased.
  • The linkage is then painted and shipped pursuant to customer specifications.

The “Swap Out” Program provides customers an opportunity to access BMC’s inventory of Linkage Sets. BMC can reduce downtime by beginning the rebuild program using our inventoried Linkage Set – while the customer still runs the machine and verifies dimensions.



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We serve The United States, Canada, and Mexico. Birch Machine serves the Die Cast, Injection Molding, and Trim Press industries.