BMC Offers Custom Shot Ends That Work

Birch Machinery has developed the most reliable and cost-effective Shot End for both aluminum and zinc die casting.

BMC Shot Ends provide outstanding response time and excellent transitions in phases of the shot. With exceptional repeatability and industry proved performance, the BMC Shot End represents an economical way to improve the performance of your die cast machines. The BMC Shot End can be simply installed on most die cast machines. We can quote installation of the BMC Shot End as well as any platen modifications you require.

Birch Machinery Company develops Shot End solutions that offer repeat-ability, durability, and adjust ability.

The standard BMC Shot End for Aluminum Die Casting features four controllable stages of injection

  • Slow Speed Approach until pour hole is covered
  • Intermediate Speed to minimize turbulence as metal approaches the gate
  • Fast Shot as the cavity is filled
  • Intensification, infinitely adjustable from 3.5:1 to 1:1
  1. Recessed platen comfortably accommodates a robotic ladler (optional)
  2. Limit switches are conveniently located
  3. Hydraulic actuated cylinder for changing shot position
  4. Shot cylinder supports and C-Frame ensure rigidity
  5. Large nitrogen bottle feeds piston accumulator
  6. Shot intensifier is infinitely adjustable
  7. Shot cylinder stroke adjustment enables precision shot sleeve fill with minimum stroke
  8. Three speed shot adjustment

How the BMC Shot End Works…

A piston-type hydraulic accumulator is mounted directly on top of the shot cylinder head. The full accumulator is discharged directly into the cylinder through a large cartridge valve.

Plunger velocity is controlled by metering the flow of hydraulic fluid from the shot cylinder through multiple high performance adjustable cartridge valves.

Extremely rapid intensification occurs when a second piston-type accumulator actuates the close-coupled intensifier cylinder.

For a Higher Degree of Control

An optional computer controlled, closed loop system adjusts plunger velocity in real-time. A servo-controlled valve is substituted for the three-speed cartridge valve package; it is compatible with all commercially available electronic control systems. A third hydraulic piston-type accumulator assures constant flow and pressure to the servo-valve; an additional extra-fine hydraulic filter is provided at the servo-valve inlet.

Adjustable Shot Position Feature

Shot position can be changed with the push of a button. A hydraulic actuated cylinder quickly and smoothly raises or lowers the shot-end. Standard on 400 ton and larger machines.



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