BMC builds high performance Die Casting Machines.

BMC will tailor the machine to your specifications.

Birch Machinery’s engineering department stands ready to work with you to facilitate any custom specifications for your die cast machine. We are experienced in cost effectively building what you really need.

  • Electrical interface circuitry for automation such as ladlers, die sprayers and extractors
  • Machine readiness for parts conveyors
  • Additional die core valves
  • Custom shot- end configurations

Birch Machinery Company is a leader in building high performance Die Casting Machines. Our complete line of Hot Chamber and Cold Chamber machines are designed to provide unsurpassed performance, reliability and trouble free maintenance.

Birch Machinery Company has been building Die Cast Machines since 1965. This experience has made Birch Die Cast Machines the standard for rugged dependability. Each die cast machine is built using the best practices in metallurgy, manufacturing precision and engineering design.

BMC has developed over the years the most reliable, dependable and simplest shot end to assure power and die compatibility.

Quality Features

Automatic Lubrication Systems

In order to reduce wear of the component parts in the toggle linkage system and the tie bars, BMC machines feature an automatic lubrication system. This system provides warning signals that indicate:

  • Low Level
  • Blocked line
  • Excessive high pressure conditions

Large Capacity Heat Exchanger

In addition to providing high fluid-cooling capacity, an optional thermostatic valve control can be added to maintain fluid temperature and to minimize water usage. Customers can select among different types of thermostatic controls.

Hydraulic Core & Ejection Systems

  • hydraulic bumper plate, actuated by double hydraulic cylinders, is standard on 850 ton and larger machines. Two advantages of this system are a large area for ‘knockout’ rods and the versatility to accommodate many different sized dies.
  • Center hydraulic ejection is standard on 500 to 650 ton machines
  • mechanical knockout system is standard on all other machines, but can be upgraded for one of the above systems as an option.

Die core directional valves are manifold mounted and include flow and pressure controls. One direction, flow and pressure valve is standard on 500 ton and larger machines. Various control sequences are available and reviewed with each customer.

Die Closing System

To provide rapid die closing action, the linkage is powered by a regenerative hydraulic system. It utilizes a cartridge valve closing manifold that supplies movement, speed and directional control. The regenerative system offers economy in motor horsepower, by reducing horsepower when unnecessary.

Energy Saving Motor Pump Assembly

A double pump provides the appropriate high flow and high pressures to the die actuating systems (die open/close and die lock-up); a separate pump charges the shot-end. To conserve energy, the pumps discharge at low pressure when the machine is idle. A complete filtration package is included; a self-contained system is optional.

Valuable Options

  • Automatic tie bar puller
  • Tie bar strain indicators, both mechanical or electronic
  • Die carrier assembly


Not Ready for a New Machine?

Consider Birch Machinery to Rebuild/Remanufacture your existing equipment.

BMC also has a large inventory of used die cast machines and trim presses.

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